Bring our special dish to your home!

With Bluebird COD food delivery services, now you can enjoy our special dish made by top chefs by TAUZIA Hotels near you while you #StayAtHome.

Bluebird COD (Chat - Order - Deliver) is a delivery service provided by Bluebird taxi company and it is launched to support social-distancing programs.

To start order, simply just send text to WhatsApp number 081117941234 (Bebi), and your order will be right in front of your door within minutes.

Enjoy the hassle-free experience by pay directly via My Bluebird mobile app, or you can also pay by cash directly to the driver. For more details, please visit Bluebird COD Information.

This program are available for:

  1. VERTU Hotel
  2. HARRIS Hotels
  3. FOX Hotels
  4. YELLO Hotels

Bluebird COD services are available in 10 cities across Indonesia:

1 Jabodetabek 6 Yogyakarta
2 Bandung 7 Bali
3 Surabaya 8 Batam
4 Semarang 9 Pekanbaru

To ensure the hygiene of the delivery, Bluebird provides dedicated drivers equipped with personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves and also container boxes that are always cleaned with disinfectant.

Here are the details of Bluebird Driver SOP for your reference:

  1. The driver wears special equipment: mask, glove and container box
  2. The driver may NOT open the plastic/customer shopping bag
  3. The driver puts the groceries inside the container box, unless it is too large.
  4. The driver is only tasked to open the lid of container box and customer will take the goods by themselves

Please find the terms &  conditions including the FAQ for Bluebird COD on this LINK.